Timetables & Induction

Induction activities help you prepare for life at USW, from academic introduction sessions to extracurricular opportunities and everything in between.

This year activities are taking place on-campus and online. We’ll give out lots of important information and guidance so make sure you attend so you get started on the right path. There may be small changes made to the timetables, so please check back just before you are due to start to avoid missing out on activities.

Induction Timetables

If your induction timetable has ON-CAMPUS activities:

If your course has an induction activity that is taking place on-campus, a room number will be provided within the timetable.

To find the specific location of a room, you can use our Find-A-Room system.

If your induction timetable has ONLINE activities:

You can join the online activity by following these instructions:

  1. Login to 'UniLearn', the University's Online Learning Environment, using your University IT account
  2. Once logged in, click your course which is listed in the 'My Organisations' panel.
  3. Click the link to open your course organisation and look for the link to 'Course Induction', which can be found on the left-hand side navigation.
IMPORTANT: To access your online induction activities, you must set-up your University IT account and complete online enrolment.

Teaching Timetables

Dubai classroom lecture

Your teaching timetable will automatically appear in your Microsoft Outlook email account calendar. 

Don’t have a student IT account with USW? 

You’ll need to create a USW student IT account to access your Microsoft Outlook email account calendar and view your published Term 1 teaching timetable. Guidance on creating your IT account can be found here: https://its.southwales.ac.uk/password-and-email/password/

Already have a student IT account with USW? 

Learn how to access your USW Outlook email account and calendar here: https://its.southwales.ac.uk/password-and-email/using-your-email/



Resources and activities to help you prepare for studying or continuing with your studies.

Getting Ready to Learn will introduce you to the tools you will be using to aid your learning and provide an overview of the support services which will be crucial in getting the most out of your course.

Visit the Getting Ready to Learn (open access) page before you have enrolled to familiarise yourself with activities and resources that will help you prepare for your studies.

To take the course, you'll need to have completed your online enrolment.

When you have set up your USW IT account and completed online enrolment you will have access to the Getting Ready to Learn (Short Course) on Blackboard. You can visit the Getting Ready to Learn course at any time, but we would encourage you to complete it before you start your course or module induction.

The course has core and optional elements. Completing the core elements should take about 1.5-2.5 hours. There are some useful optional elements we recommend you explore.

On completion of the course, you will have a much better grasp of the key tools and services that you'll have access to during your time as a USW student.