Timetables & Induction

Induction activities are designed to help you prepare for life at USW, from academics to extracurricular opportunities and everything in between.

This year activities are taking place online and on-campus. We’ll give out lots of important information and guidance so make sure you attend so you get started on the right path. There may be small changes made to the timetables, so please check back just before you are due to start to avoid missing out on activities.


If your induction timetable has ONLINE activities:

You can join the online activity by following these instructions:

  1. Login to 'UniLearn', the University's Online Learning Environment, using your University IT account
  2. Once logged in, click your course which is listed in the 'My Organisations' panel.
  3. Click the link to open your course organisation and look for the link to 'Course Induction', which can be found on the left-hand side navigation.
IMPORTANT: To access your online induction activities, you must set-up your University IT account and complete online enrolment.

If your induction timetable has ON-CAMPUS activities:

If your course has an induction activity that is taking place on-campus, a room number will be provided within the timetable.

To find the specific location of a room, you can use our Find-A-Room system.

Safety measures have been put in place for 2020/21 across our campuses following the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about these safety measures please visit our safety on campus page.

To learn more about how online/offline study will work in 2021/22, please visit our blended learning pages.


Dubai classroom lecture

For current students, Term 3 online teaching timetables are available to view. Please pay careful attention to the schedule and location of each class. 

Your learning and teaching will be delivered in the scheduled time through one of the below formats:

• Online only and synchronous: all teaching sessions will be remote and at scheduled days and times 

• Online only and asynchronous: no scheduled day and time, so you can complete any work at different times throughout the week 

• Hybrid: some face-to-face teaching and some online components 

As all schedules are subject to change, we strongly recommend that you do not print out a hard copy but check the online timetabling service on a regular basis. 

Digital tools used for any remote teaching will vary depending on the nature of the teaching session, which may include BlackBoard, Microsoft Teams and other technologies.   

All classes during the autumn term for face-to-face teaching are subject to Welsh Government guidance.  As such, any face-to-face teaching will take place with appropriate measures or mitigation in place. Please be aware that face-to-face teaching may convert to on an online offering if there are any changes to external guidance, such as a national lockdown.