Timetables & Induction

Induction Timetable

Induction activities are designed to help you prepare for life at USW from academics to extracurricular opportunities and everything in between. 

We’ll give out lots of important information and guidance so make sure you attend so you get started on the right path to a fantastic future!

You can access your induction timetable here from January 11 2019.  Please note the ACCA timetables will be available late December.

There may be small changes made to the timetables, so please check back just before you are due to start to avoid arriving late or missing out on activities.

Induction timetables will be available soon.

Teaching Timetable

Your teaching timetable will be available to view once you have completed your online enrolment. The teaching timetable guide helps you to understand and navigate your timetable.

Lots of factors contribute to the design of your teaching timetables, for example module option choices (where applicable), number of tutorial group, student numbers following confirmation and clearing.  Therefore, please make sure you check back for the most up to date version.

We split courses into multiple tutorial groups. During your induction programme, you’ll find out which group you’ve been allocated. The group you are in will determine when some of your lessons take place. 

For full time courses, teaching is normally scheduled between 9am and 5pm.  If you’re a full time undergraduate, we also aim to finish teaching each Wednesday by 1pm, giving you the afternoon free for sporting or alternate activities.

For further information please visit the teaching timetable guide or speak with a member of the Advice Zone.

Term Dates 2018/19

Autumn Term

Monday 17 September 2018 – Term begins with enrolment/induction

Monday 24 September 2018 - Teaching begins

Friday 14 December 2018 – Term ends

Spring Term

Monday 7 January 2019 – Term begins 
Friday 5 April 2019 – Term ends

Summer Term

Monday 29 April 2019 – Term begins
Friday 7 June 2019 – Term ends

Find your way around

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