Health and Wellbeing

We want to ensure you have access to support that can improve your wellbeing experience whilst studying.  You will be able to access medical help now that you’ve moved away from home so it’s important that one of the first things you do is register with a GP in the area.

Once you’ve enrolled please visit Unilife for further information on how you can arrange to register for medical services.

Have You Had Your Meningitis ACWY Vaccination yet?

Meningitis can be caught by anyone at any age but teenagers and young people have a higher risk of contracting meningitis and the related condition septicaemia. Of particular concern are those who are going to university for the first time and international students who may never have had a vaccination.

As a first year student, you are in a high risk group for getting meningitis, particularly in the first few weeks of term, so we advise you contact your GP at home to get the Meningitis ACWY vaccination before coming to university.

The vaccination is free to all first year students under the age of 25 from a GP. If you are unable to have the vaccine before arriving at university please contact the University's Health Serviceto discuss how you can get the vaccine while you’re here.

Check out a full list of signs and symptoms or download the Meningitis Now app for help and information at your fingertips. Be aware that meningitis symptoms can be mistaken for “freshers flu” so if in any doubt always seek medical help as soon as possible.