Creative Graduate Festival

Creative Graduate Festival 2019

The USW Creative Graduate Festival showcases and celebrates our creative industries students and their work in Cardiff Campus. The festival runs throughout May, June and July with many shows free to the public; in Cardiff and London. Follow the events on USWCreative Twitter and Instagram.

Advertising Design 2019

Advertising Design

Where: Milk & Sugar, The Old Library, Cardiff

When: 24 May, 4pm

What: Showcasing a range of Advertising Design skills from creative direction, copywriting and planning to social media, digital design and campaign strategy. This is an opportunity for the graduates to engage with the creative industry based across South Wales. 

Advertising and Illustration at D&AD New Blood Festival

Where: London

When: 10 - 13 July, 10am - 6pm

What: Advertising Design and Illustration students will be exhibiting among the best around the United Kingdom at the New Blood Festival.

Graduate Website:

Instagram: @USWAdvertisingDesign, @USWIllustration

Twitter: @USWAdvertising, @USWIllustration


Animation and Computer Animation 

Where: Cineworld, Mary Ann St, Cardiff, CF10 2EN

When: 31 May, 6 - 8pm

What: All the very best clips and short films from our amazing Animation (2D and Stop Motion) and Computer Animation students!

Instagram: @USWAnimation, @USWComputerAnimation

Twitter: @USW_Animation

Mellisa Leho Art Practice

Image by Mellisa Leho

Arts Practice (MA) Interim Show

Where: West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff, CF10 5DB

When: 9 May, 6 - 10pm, 10 - 11th May, 10am-4pm

What: An exhibition of artworks from students on our two MA Arts Practice courses.

Arts Practice (BA Hons) 

Where: USW Pontypridd Campus, Kidwelly Building, Treforest, CF37 1DL

When: 7 - 14 June

What: An exhibition of innovative graduate works in ceramics, printmaking, painting, photography, time-based digital media, 3D mixed media and installation. 



Where: Dance House, Cardiff Bay

When: 30 - 31 May, 7:30pm

What: An exhilarating, and emotional night of dance. Experience a diverse programme of dance theatre, and contemporary dance presented by the innovative BA Hons Dance programme from the University of South Wales. Cynefin includes a performance of Omertà by Matteo Marfoglia, presented with kind permission from the National Dance Company of Wales. The dancers will also present new, and re-staged works by Emma Lewis, Thania Acarón, and Matthew Gough.

Trinitie Norton Fashion

Image by Trinitie Norton

Fashion Grad Show

Where: Milk & Sugar, The Old Library, Cardiff

When: 22 May

Instagram: @uswfashiondesign, @usw_fashion_marketing, @usw_fashion_promotion

Graduate Fashion Week

Where: London

When: 2 - 5 June, 10am - 6pm

Instagram: @uswfashiondesign@usw_fashion_marketing@usw_fashion_promotion

> Visit the USW Fashion graduate website

Gone fishing film

Film Graduation Screening

Where: Cineworld, Mary Ann St, Cardiff, CF10 2EN

When: 6 - 7 June, 5.30pm-8.30pm

What: A showcase of documentary and fiction films from this year’s Class of ’19 Film graduates.

Instagram: @USWFilm

Twitter: @USWFilm

USW Games Gradshow 2019

Check out @SuComGames to find out more about their games.    


Where: Arcade Vaults, Cardiff

When: 30 May, 4 - 6pm, 31 May, 10am - 6pm

A showcase of innovative and exciting playable games, prototypes, and artwork from our games courses. Celebrate the long history of our games courses and the thrilling new directions the industry is taking. This is your chance to meet the game creators of tomorrow and play some great games!

Instagram: @USWGameArt

Twitter: @USWGames

Graphics 2019

Graphic Communication

Where: Milk & Sugar, Cardiff

When: 29 May, 6 - 9pm

Twitter: @USWGraphics

Leah Brideaux Illustration

Image by Leah Brideaux


Where: Sustainable Studio, Cardiff

When: 31 May, 6 - 8pm

Advertising and Illustration at D&AD New Blood Festival

Where: The Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London,

When: 12-14 July

What: Advertising Design and Illustration students will be exhibiting among the best around the United Kingdom at the New Blood Festival

Instagram: @USWIllustration

Twitter: @USWIllustration, @KaleidoscopeUSW

Interior  Design 2019

Interior Design

Where: 6A Duke St Arcade, Cardiff

When: 17 - 22 May, 6 - 9pm

Instagram: @InteriorCardiff

Twitter: @InteriorCardiff


Media Production

Where: Sustainable Studio, Cardiff

When: 9 May, 6 - 10pm

What: Join us for a showcase of new, upcoming talent in Cardiff, with a range of projects from films to photography to fashion. 

Instagram: @USWMediaProduction

Creative Sound and Music

Music and Sound Vinyl Launch

Where: Atrium Theatre, Cardiff Campus

When: 14 May, 3pm

What: A collective of diverse musicians and sonic artists from University of South Wales. This is an eclectic gathering of acts incorporating lofi beats, minimalist piano sketches to funkadelic guitar chops. Creative Sound and Music will open up a diverse spectrum for all listeners.
Performing arts gradshow 2017

Image by Emma Wingate

Performance and Media

Where: ATRiuM Theatre

When: 7 - 10 May

Performing Arts

Where: ATRiuM Theatre, Cardiff Campus, CF24 2FN

When: 15th May


Image by Kate Sturney


Where: Bay Art Gallery, 54 Bute St, Cardiff, CF10 5AF

When: 7 - 13 June (closed 10 June), 10am - 6pm

Instagram: @USWPhotography

Twitter: @USWPhotography

Creative Industries Photography

Where: The Gate Gallery, Cardiff

When: 24 May - 30 June

Documentary Photography

Where: Maverick Projects, London

When: 18 - 23 June, 6 - 9pm

Instagram: @docphotusw 

Twitter: @DocPhotUSW

Rita Rocha Photojournalism

Photo by Rita Rocha


Where: Penarth Pier Pavilion

When: 4 - 6 June, 10am - 5pm

What: XII: Exposition is a collection of work produced by our third-year Photojournalism students. The work covers a range of mediums such as video, analogue and digital photography and illustrates different skills and techniques that each individual uses to convey stories.

Instagram: @PhotoJ_USW

Twitter: @PhotoJ_USW

Photojournalism Closing Night Event

Where: Penarth Pier Pavilion

When: 6 June, 6pm - 9pm

Course Image - BA Theatr a Drama.jpg

Theatr A Drama

Beth: Studio 414

Pryd: 17 - 18 Mai, 3pm & 7pm

Instagram: @PDCTheatrADrama

Twitter: @PDCTheatrADrama

Theatre and Drama: Theatre Fest

Where: Atrium Theatre, Cardiff Campus, CF24 2FN

When: 6 - 17 May

What: Come and watch a variety of incredible shows from our final-year Theatre and Drama students.

Instagram: @USWTheatreAndDrama


TV and Film Set Design

Where: Chapter Arts, Cardiff

When: 5 June 1pm - 10pm, 6 - 8 June, 10am - 10pm

TV and Film Set Design / Film and TV School / Costume Construction / TV and Film Hair, Make-up and Special Effects

Where: Pinewood Studios, London

When: 13 June 12.30pm - 20.30pm, 14 June 12.00pm - 20.30pm

If you're planning to visit the Pinewood Studios show, entry will only be permitted to those on the guest list.

Please e-mail Jo Durnall or Anna Solic by Monday 10th June, to be added to the list.

Maia White VFX

Image by Maia White

VFX and Motion Graphics 

Where: Tramshed Tech, Cardiff

When: 24 May, 6 - 10pm

What: This show entails screenings, artwork and digital displays from the VFX and Motion Graphics students class of 2018. It's your chance to see the amazing motion graphics, compositing, short films and visual effects from our talented students at Tramshed.

Twitter: @VFX_USW