Personal Statement Extended Tips

Helpful hints and tips

Helpful hints and tips on how to approach addressing what we’re looking for in your application for Nursing or Midwifery.

When writing your personal statement please bear in mind there is a word count to adhere to. You have 4000 characters to get across your main message. We’ve provided guidance to help get you there, but don’t panic if you realise you’re over the limit, there just remember to include what’s most relevant.

How to demonstrate an insight and clear understanding of your chosen profession and how you are suited to this course.

✔️ 1. Acknowledge the expectations placed on the specialist role and degree you’ve applied for.
✔️ 2. Research the skills and qualities expected for the role and course by reading our pocket guide.
✔️ 3. You can also check out the NHS Careers website for further background information.
✔️ 4. Tell us why you think you are well-suited to become a future nurse or midwife.
✔️ 5. This is your opportunity to share reasons why you want to make a difference.

How can you provide evidence that you they have a clear understanding of the course you are applying for?

✔️ 1. Make sure you’ve read all the course information online:
✔️ 2. Think about what you will study each year and key modules and topics covered on the course.
✔️ 3. Show you understand the commitment to learning required, on campus or on placement.
✔️ 4. Acknowledge the different learning environments and assessment methods you can expect.
✔️ 5. Is there a particular type of placement or healthcare setting you are most interested in and, if so, why?

How to express your motivation and inspiration for the chosen course and profession.

✔️ 1. Consider the factors that have motivated or inspired you to pursue your chosen course.
✔️ 2. What are your relevant hobbies or interests or influential personal/professional experiences?
✔️ 3. Tell us about your career aspirations and if you have any specific goals you hope to achieve.
✔️ 4. How will this course prepare you for your future career path?
✔️ 5. Where are you hoping to make the biggest difference? Why?

How to demonstrate an understanding/commitment to the values, qualities, and characteristics expected of the profession.

✔️ 1. Refer to pages 4 and 5 of our pocket guide for the six key values of the NHS.
✔️ 2. Tell us how your values align with those of the NHS and how you demonstrate those values.
✔️ 3. Identify the qualities required for your chosen profession by reading through our pocket guide.
✔️ 4. Demonstrate the qualities and characteristics you have that suit the role of a nurse or midwife.
✔️ 5. Tell us how you have what it takes to be an effective healthcare professional.

Ways to include details of relevant previous training or transferable skills in your application.

✔️ 1. Tell us what skills you have developed from previous work and life experiences.
✔️ 2. Relate how your skills and experiences are transferable to the role of a nurse or midwife.
✔️ 3. Check out our ‘Care as Currency’ initiative for support in finding or using existing experience.
✔️ 4. Share any achievements you are proud of and how these relate to your chosen profession.
✔️ 5. Refer to our pocket guide for information on the relevant skills required in specific roles.