Clinical Simulation Centre

Practices makes the best practitioners

Our approach to teaching is to fully immerse students in the world of healthcare, with learning and teaching that spans theory and practice, and ensures our students are given the best possible preparation for their future careers.

Our Clinical Simulation Centre has been purpose-built with this in mind. Students learn beyond the classroom in simulated environments before undertaking supervised placements. 

Clinical Simulation Centre - Feb 2023

Replicating Real Life

Replicating Real Life

Sophisticated Patient Simulators 

Sophisticated Patient Simulators

Technical Skills Development

Technical Skills Development

Why study Healthcare at USW?

Bring study to life

To bring study to life, students will often train with role actors and patient simulators. 

The Centre is fully equipped with a range of sophisticated manikins that can replicate the body’s reactions to illness, care, and treatment - with student’s experiencing first-hand physiological changes and patient responses including altered pulses and blood pressures, breathing and heart conditions. We also have a birthing simulator that can replicate how a baby is delivered and difficulties this may pose. 

Develop your technical and clinical skills

Simulated learning can allow students to practice skills and make mistakes. They can perfect their skills, and build their confidence, to ensure safe and effective treatment when they provide care for patients, clients, and relatives.

Students practice different skills, technical and non-technical. Where emphasise on non-technical skills include specific professional proficiencies, values, interpersonal relationships, teamworking and interprofessional delivery. Many technical skills and competencies are common across professions and can be practiced in the simulation areas. 

Your future is in your hands

Hands-on learning is a vitally important aspect of study at the University and so is reflection.  When using simulation, the Centre has the facility to record all student/patient interactions to review and replay scenarios. This allows for reflection on skills and performance and aids students to address any issues with the support of clinical skills trainers and tutors.

Whatever a student’s chosen area of study, they will be exposed to a range of equipment that maybe used in clinical practice so that they are competent in using it and interpreting certain data from such equipment that will inform their ability to delivery first-class patient care.

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A fully immersive environment that emulates real-life

Healthcare can occur in a range of settings with different care needs presented by each patient, our simulation centre mimics scenarios that span the patient journey from one setting to another, and between professional groups.

Whether this be pre-hospital, through primary care at a GP Practice, in the community at a patient’s own home, or in secondary care at hospital, each setting is recreated on-campus for students - providing a fully immersive environment that emulates real-life practice.

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