Hedder DinnisWho are you and where are you from? 

My name is Hedder Dinnis, and I am from Namibia. I study MSc Forensic Audit and Accounting.

How did you find out about the University of South Wales/are you on a scholarship?

I have always dreamed of visiting the United Kingdom, and while searching on the internet about universities that offered forensic accounting courses led to me discovering the University of South Wales, and to top it all, their course was a hybrid compared to other institutions worldwide as it combined audit and accounting, which made it more appealing. I came to USW on a Chevening Scholarship.

What’s your favourite part of your course so far?

The course is delivered by professionals who are employed in the same industry and their experience, combined with the delivery of hands-on lessons gives you a feel of belonging to the scientific and law enforcement society.  Additionally, the use of advance digital and technical equipment in the course gives you an insight into the future and makes you understand why the course is not an ordinary course.

What’s the best thing about your USW campus?

There is a lot I like and enjoy at my campus, but most notably is that the campus exhibits the old and new engineering works that can be seen on the university’s buildings and the same can be said about the environment as the preservation of the forest in and around the campus shows how beautiful animals can be integrated and live in urban areas with people with no harm. This also demonstrates the contribution and effort of the university towards saving the earth and Greenpeace goals.

How are you enjoying living in the UK?

Living in the UK is amazing, and it has been a good experience to see the snow and enjoy the rain throughout the year. The people are friendly, and the culture speaks volume about human rights and respect towards diversity.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to study in the UK?

My advice to anyone who wants to study in the UK is that come prepared to live 10 years into the future and be ready to take back future to your country and amaze your people.

What are your aspirations? What would you like to do in the future?

I am inspired to better my country and my university (USW) as an alumnus by establishing a lasting academic co-operation between Namibia and the University of South Wales.