Students from Chile


Mario Quinones - MA Animation

I had always wanted to study Animation in the UK, so I started to research the best Animation programmes in Europe, to help me decide where to attend. I saw that the University of South Wales’ Animation programme was a member of ETNA (The European Training Network for Animation Schools) so it started from there! I was fortunate to gain a scholarship from the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (a Chilean government agency), who supported me by sponsoring my tuition fees, which helped me greatly to fund my studies.

One of the greatest things that I like about the University, is that it encourages students to gain industry experience and gain knowledge of the animation industry though internships and projects, so that we can learn to work to the appropriate standards that industry would expect from us. The University helped me gain experience in a production company in Paris, which was the best opportunity for me – if I had not come to this University, I would never have gained this opportunity or had the chance to help develop myself to such an extent for my future.

One of the most important things that my course has taught me is how the animation industry works in Europe, and it has really helped me prepare for my professional life in the future, both from the technical and production aspects. The internships have made me far more ambitious about what I would like to do after graduation; I would like to become a director and produce my own films, and the experience of studying here has really helped broaden my vision, made me challenge myself and helped me on my path to achieving this.

I’m really happy with the support I received from the academic staff, and they also have the experience and knowledge that the animation students need to do well in their course and to help us becoming professional animators. We also have guest lecturers who come in from outside of the University – professionals who have been working in the industry for years, who have come to our class to share their advice and experience, which has been so helpful. The programme is a very high quality, and I have learned so much practical information, such as how to create budgets for your production, as well as the technical aspects of the course.

I have had a lot of fun in meeting new people, going to new places and gaining new experiences. I came from a different culture, so meeting new people has been so rewarding for me. The social life here is really fun – I have found new friends here from many different countries on campus, and it’s helped me to learn about new cultures, learn about how the animation industry works in different countries, and it’s been great that we are all part of an international community.

I would advise Chilean students who are interested in studying abroad that the University of South Wales has a really good programme – I know that I’ve made a good choice, and I will definitely recommend it to friends in Chile when I return home.

Studying here has been a personal adventure for me, and an experience which has made me so happy.