Students from Germany

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Martin Wagner - BA (Hons) Business Studies

Martin is a 3rd year student completing his studies in Business Studies. He has shared his experience of the course and his time at university. 

What do you think about the course you are studying?
The Business Studies course is very interesting because it enables students to study almost all aspects of business courses. It includes marketing, economics, finance and human resources just to name a few. 

Why did you choose this subject?
I have chosen the Business Studies because I wanted to learn about all aspects of business. Now I can choose what is more interesting to me. 

How do you think the skills and knowledge you have gained on your course will help you get a job after graduation?
Statistics have proven that most employees will have to change jobs many times during theie career. Employees should be able to add more skills to their CV. Futher education enables anyone to add more skills to their CV in order to adapt to the changing requirements of the modern business world.

Why did you choose to study at University of South Wales?
USW has many interesting courses that other universities do not offer. I also like the fact that it is affordable.

Has your learning experience at South Wales been positive?
My overall experience was positive. I have learn a lot in a very short period of time. The university has the facilities that would enable students to perform well.

Have you enjoyed your University experience at South Wales?
My overall experience was positive. I had a good time and I have made a lot of connection with people. It was a great experience.

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Mazimilian Gauland - BA (Hons) Business Management

Maximilian joined the final year of the BA (Hons) Business Management programme from Germany. He graduated in July 2015 and has shared his experiences of his time at USW.

“My course, Business Management, was really international and so I became friends with people from all over the world. Being with Welsh and British, as well as with people from other countries like Spain, Italy, France or China was an amazing experience. I benefited a lot from the discussions with different cultures about economic topics. Especially the lectures about Leadership and Management or Global Business, I will profit from these on my future career path.

I was living in Cardiff near Colum Road. Living with a German and a guy from Luxembourg, my time in this shared flat has never been boring. Being able to walk to the city centre was a huge benefit. Cardiff is a beautiful and modern city that surprised me every day. Living there during the Six Nations Tournament and getting to know the Welsh unique culture was great. 

For me the graduation ceremony was the highlight of my year at the USW. Graduating in Germany is a very different experience and less formal act. Wearing the gown and sitting among the other graduates was a feeling I’ll never forget about my time in Wales. Being aware of what I just accomplished was an experience of pride not much can compete with.”