Students from Hong Kong

Natalie Ng, Chiropractic

Natali Ng

I’m Natalie Ng, a registered Chiropractor at New York Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Centre in Hong Kong. I graduate from the University of South Wales in 2017 and started my career in Hong Kong soon after. I came across the clinic I’m working at from the internet while I was job searching. Hong Kong was ideal for me because it’s nearer to home (Malaysia) and I believed it is probably the most well established city for the Chiropractic profession amongst the other Asia countries.

Every chiropractor will have to apply for licensing through the Hong Kong Chiropractors Council before practicing. The entire process of application may take about 3-12 months, case dependant. It took me a total of 8 months for the issuance of the practicing license and subsequently 1 month for working visa application.

I’ve trained for 3 months before transitioning into practice. I am glad that the University has prepped our fundamentals strongly especially during our final year, having to do research studying, projects, case write-ups, apart from seeing patients as student clinicians. The training I received was more of reorganising what we’ve learned in school and reinforcing them. Patient management and communication were emphasised during university days, which indeed, I realised was very important once I’ve started practising. Not only communicating with patients, but between team members, including other chiropractors, clinic nurses and administrative staffs is essential as well. I believe giving support and motivation to both patients and colleagues brings along high morale and often resulting in positive outcomes. This has kept me moving forward and aiming to achieve something even greater. 

Hong Kong is a fast paced city and known for having long working hours, but achieving work-life balance is not something impractical if you put your mind to it. It’s my second year in Hong Kong and I’ve gradually become used to the fast momentum and high demand. Amidst of a busy working schedule, I still get to spend time hanging out with friends, exploring new places/good food around Hong Kong, sometimes even attending events like carnivals, concerts or make a spontaneous trip to the theme parks. If you are a less active person, there is a great variety of workshops you could spend your weekend working on. You will never be short of excitement in Hong Kong.

Even though Hong Kong has been going through a tough time in the past months, I believe Chiropractic is still going strong as a profession in Hong Kong. Focus on your goals and never lose faith! 

Yat Fung Leung, Animation


The course I graduated in definitely gave me the flexibility to work on what I wanted and allowed me to explore all sorts of creativity. Being project based and more practical, I could go in whatever direction I wanted and the lecturers would encourage me to wonder off and try.

There was a bit of a culture shock when I was a student, but the feeling of living on your own, without parents, exploring the city with friends, it felt really free. Especially being an international student, it was a lot of discovering new things I haven’t seen or tried, and everyday was an adventure.

University work was challenging, a lot of projected required weeks of work and it wasn’t like I could slack off. However, I always tried to make it fun by doing what I wanted to do. If there was an essay, what would I want to write about the most? Or what kind of graphics did I want to make that can fit into this project? Just doing that made every assignment that much more fun. 

I was lucky enough to land a full-time job in Hong Kong, which is quite difficult to do especially in Asia, where there isn’t a lot of creative jobs up and about. That being said, there’s no need to find a full-time job with freelancing, where you can decide who to work for, and maybe even travel the world while doing it! It’s not that scary since a lot of studios and firms hire freelance all the time, and with computers and the internet, you can work at home and even on the fly.

Vicky Ching, Master of Chiropractic

Vicky Ching

I am now doing Master of Chiropractic in USW. In USW, I meet people from all over the world. The interpersonal network has definitely made me become an outgoing person. 

Throughout the course, I am finding out that lecturers here are so friendly and willing to help in our studies. In the course, we learn a lot in both human anatomy and clinical management. 

Practical classes occupy half of the timetable, ensuring that all students will have chance to practise.

USW provides support to international students when they are away from their hometown. Student mentors are also helpful before we arrive at the campus, answering questions with patience. I really enjoy studying here!

Janice Chan, MSc Human Resource Management

The best thing about the University, apart from achieving my MSc in Human Resource Management was what I learned from the experience. Pontypridd has given me lots of memories. 

The tuition fees and living costs are reasonable and affordable and the people are friendly and nice. I lived on campus and it was wonderful, hanging out with friends and lecturers and learning about new cultures. 

The campus is in a good location and it is convenient to get to. It is also close to Cardiff! The programme was combined with theory and practical elements and the lecturers were really professional. It has helped me build up a strong professional knowledge network and I have developed good analysis and thinking. These have been very helpful for my career development.