Students from Japan


Aya Kubouchi - Pre-sessional English programme (10 weeks)

In Japan, I studied almost everything in Japanese, but I realised that if I can use only Japanese, everything would be limited not only to study. I wanted to deepen my knowledge not only about my major so I decided to study this course.

For me, to study at this university, everything is exciting. The most exciting part of the course is that I have many opportunities to show my opinion in lectures. In Japan, I had a few opportunities to speak in public, so at first, I did not like to do so. But now I think that I am getting better to show my opinion in public gradually, and it is an important thing for improving and deepen my knowledge.

In my course, we have small classes so we can communicate with our tutor very closely, and it is a great help for us. We read, write, and speak a lot to improve our English and our teachers are always happy to help us. This is a good opportunity to make our language and communication skills better.

I would like to say that if you think to study at University of South Wales but could not decide, please do not be afraid. There is so much support – if you have any problems, you can ask everything to all the nice university staff. To study in a foreign country has been a really amazing opportunity for me. I have made so many friends from different countries!