Sharif Khoshnaw - MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management

Tell us about the process applying for the Chevening scholarship?
The Chevening is long but not difficult. The most important method to successfully finish the process easily is to be patient and follow the instructions and the requirements that have been asked by the program. The program is well designed and very clear timeline for everyone. I remember, all the stages even I was sure that I would be accepted to the next stage as I believed in my work; however there was always the challenging taste of nervousness and happiness that made me not to give up and continue to the last process until I got to UK.

Why did you choose to study at USW?
I had the chance to study in three different universities in UK; however after doing some research and asking people which university should I pick up as my dream place to study, I found out that Wales, especially University of South Wales is the best option. For my case at least because USW is one of the top universities in UK for Renewable Energy which is my master topic about. In the company I was working for in Kurdistan before coming to UK, I met a new boss, who was graduated from USW, and he differently recommended USW and Wales to study. I made my choice based on the previous student recommendation and the research I did about USW.

What has been the highlight of your time at USW so far?
The highlights of the time I have been here are amazing and indescribable due to the way of living, environmentally friendly, and helpful people around Wales, plus the advanced technology and the transportation quality here in all UK.

What do you think of life in Wales generally?
Wales is very beautiful for having rivers, lakes, mountains, historical castles and mining areas. I like Wales as I feel home the time I have been here. However, for some the weather might be too wet, I enjoy all the moments living in Wales.

What do you think of the course/lecturers/facilities?
So far I am happy with the course, which includes all the sources of renewable (clean) energy around UK and the globe. The course is well structured, however it is efficient and fast but the lectures and the professors are helpful. Some of the facilities include labs, laboratory, other centers like Hydrogen center and Baglan center. Also, the course includes several class trips to the research centers that are owned by USW and to other plants of renewable energy around Wales. So, overall everything is provided by USW for students to study and enjoy the time as well.

Where do you live? Do you like living there?
I live in the accommodation halls of USW, location of the halls is very nice and lush area as it is surrounded by nice forests. It is convenient very close to my classes, library, student union, and sport center.

I like living in Treforest as it is close to Pontypridd just few minutes’ walk. Also, it is close to the capital of Wales by train only takes around 20 minutes to get to Cardiff. Treforest is very breathtaking and lush for the hills and rivers pass by the area makes the location for university the best suitable.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
My plan upon completion is to go back home and work for an NGO or private companies to be able to put in practice the experience and knowledge I have gained here from UK.

Would you recommend USW to other Chevening scholars?
I highly recommend University of South Wales (USW) to all international students, especially Kurds to come to USW and study here for the quality of education and the friendly environment. So far, I have recommended some Kurdish shortlisted Chevening scholar friends to choose USW, and some of them already got their unconditional offer. I feel happy and proud that they chose here to study as I am sure they would like it.

Please email Sharif at [email protected] if you would like more information.