Otgontsetseg Bishkhorloo - MSc in Safety, Health and Environmental Management

Tell us about the process applying for the Chevening scholarship? Was it a difficult process?
Chevening is such a reputable scholarship and being awarded with this scholarship always seemed so difficult to me. Interestingly enough, the whole application and interview process went really smooth except the fact I was so nervous all the time. The guidance for applicants on the website was explicit and all I had to do was follow the instruction.

Why did you choose to study at USW?
From the time I started looking for my course from Chevening partner universities, I noticed USW offers exactly what I was looking in terms of modules such as Business and Risk Management and Health and Safety Management System. In addition, I love to experience different cultures and I believed that studying at USW will enable me to learn about Welsh people, lifestyle and culture.

What has been the highlight of your time at USW so far?
The trips organized by USW not only in Wales but also in the other part of England has given me the one of the most memorable time of my student life in UK. So far I’ve visited Oxford, Bath and Stratford and was able to make friends from different nationalities during the trip while learning and experiencing about new places. Now I’m looking forward to my next trip to Tenby, a beautiful seaside town.

What do you think of life in Wales generally?
Since I was a little girl, I was always fond of castles. Here I’ve visited the great castles I watched only in the movies. Moreover, I adore natural beauty of mountains, hills, rivers, and the sea in Wales. Lastly, I think Welsh people are super friendly, polite and helpful.

What do you think of the course/lecturers/facilities?
USW provides decent facilities including sport center, canteen and 24-hour library.

Where do you live? Do you like living there?
Currently, I live in a private shared house in Treforest and made good friends with my housemates in comparatively short time. If I were to choose between private house and student accommodation again, I would still choose private house as it is cheaper and great opportunity to make friends, live closely with locals, learn their culture and share from my culture as well. Living in private house make me feel more involved in the local community.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?
My main aim of applying for Chevening scholarship was to gain knowledge and experience at international level in my field and share with my peers in Mongolia. I’m on the path I started. My plan is to work as a lecturer at one of the universities in Mongolia to share what I learnt here as occupational health and safety professional.

Would you recommend USW to other Chevening scholars?
Yes. I would definitely recommend to not only Chevening scholars but also those who are willing to study in the UK.