Our Partners in Norway

We are pleased to work with the following partners in Norway to offer students progression opportunities:

Bjorknes Hoyskole

Graduates of the One Year diploma in Basic Medical Sciences with a C grade or above will be considered for progression to Masters of Chiropractic or Medical Sciences.

For further information please contact Wanja Nilsen, Student Advisor at Noroff, wanja@bjorkneshoyskole.no


Students who complete 2 year diplomas at Noroff with C grade or above will be considered for advanced entry (usually final year) to University of South Wales degree programmes as follows:


Network and IT Security progression to:

·        BSc (Hons) Computer Security  

·        BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics  

·        BSc (Hons) Computer Science  

3D Design and Animation/3D Game/3D Film Production progression to:

·        BA (Hons Game Art  

·        BA (Hons Computer Games Design  

·        BA (Hons Computer Animation  

Sound and Music Production progression to:

·        BA (Hons) Popular and Commercial Music  

·        BA (Hons) Creative Industries (Popular Music Technology)

·        BA (Hons) Sound Engineering

For further information about how to apply please email southwales@noroff.no