Students from Russia


Anna Maltceva - BA (Hons) Creative Sound and Music

I scoured the UK for modern music courses and, after much deliberation, I decided the BA in Creative Sound and Music was the right one for me. I was impressed by alumni’s work and projects, plus I attended the open day at the University last year and was inspired by course leader and some lecturers from the Faculty of Creative Industries.

I’ve met some really great people on my course and in the university; I like being a place with so many creative people. We had some group projects and ensemble studies where we were arranged into bands with random people on the course and had to perform some creative arrangements or improvised pieces of music. I was faced with many musical challenges and did things I’d never before thought that I was capable of doing! At the same time, I received useful advice from our lecturers about the production of my own music-projects, and all these happened just in my first 3 months here! The thing I’ve enjoyed most is the individual approach to every student’s needs no matter what your music background experience or in what genre you work. And receiving a scholarship to study here made me feel even more warmly towards the University!

I come from Moscow, and all my life I’ve lived in big busy cities with loads of opportunities, entertainment, etc. I was slightly concerned that it might be boring to live in the valleys in a totally different atmosphere, but now I realise that Cardiff is perfect for student life; it has everything you need in a short walking distance and I’m enjoying my new lifestyle.

Though it’s difficult to predict what the future holds for me in such a fast-changing industry as music production, my main career goal is working as a composer and create soundtracks for films, TV commercials or even theatre plays. I already have some experience and understanding about business processes in media industries, and I have some ideas how to develop music business and make my own contribution in developing contemporary music in my country. I think my course will definitely help to turn my plans into reality.

I would advise other applicants who are considering the University of South Wales to carefully research and gain as much information as they can about course, what modules they will study and their lecturers. Don’t be afraid to seek any advice from academic staff to help you make a decision and choose the right course for you, because with diversity of study programs USW provides, it might be a bit difficult to choose only one!