Students from Spain

Jennifer Cox - BA (Hons) Documentary Film and Television

Jennifer Cox, 29 from Marbella, Spain, graduated BA Hons Documentary Film & Television course in 2006. She came to Newport Film School in 2003. Jennifer joined the documentary course in the third year having spent two previous years on the film drama course. She brought a rigorous fine art bias to her filmmaking on documentary and flourished in her final year, producing two startling and provocative films.

After graduation Jennifer returned to Spain and currently lives and works in Madrid. Jennifer has begun to carve out a successful career in photography and film, both as a gallery artist and producing bespoke films for a range of designers, musicians and companies.

She shared with us: “My classmates were creative, friendly and open and my tutors would always walk the extra mile to help me with my films. The words “Be Brave” and “believe in yourself” were embedded in each word of advice I was given in my third year and I now see that year as a training ground in which I gained the confidence I needed in order to deal with the 'real world’ and to find my own voice within film making.”