History Department launches new 'Stand Up For...' series

History Department - Stand Up For...

This week marked the inaugural event of the ‘Stand Up For…’ series of talks.

These talks showcase efforts by the students of the University’s History Department to engage with the pressing issues of the here and now, as well as those of the past.

The ‘Stand Up For…’ events allow students to participate in discussions affecting their lives and their futures, sparking debates the likes of which have not been witnessed since Frost interviewed Nixon.

The first talk, Stand Up For Wales After The Scottish Referendum looked at the impact that the recent campaign for Scottish independence has had on Wales and Welsh Politics.

The guest speaker Steffan Lewis, Advisor to the Leader of Plaid Cymru, delivered a rousing performance to a packed out room. A wide variety of topics were covered ranging from European funding to the future of devolution in Wales.

Steffan, an Alumnus of the university, met with a series of thought-provoking questions regarding key issues in Wales in the aftermath of the Scottish referendum. Students eagerly posed questions regarding the future of politics, society and the Welsh economy.

Undergraduate Darren Macey tenaciously pursued the issues of the future of devolved political powers in Wales and the rise of Eurosceptic far-right politics, whilst MA Student Ceri Carter asked about the role of EU membership and EU funding in Wales. Other topics included funding for higher education, infrastructure, and employment opportunities for graduates.

Following the talk and discussion, there was a launch party to celebrate the ‘Stand Up For…’ initiative. Students had further opportunity to grill the guest speaker on key issues affecting them, whilst enjoying a drinks reception and buffet. Thus concluding an interesting, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable event.

Next event
The next talk will address  the state of affairs in the Middle East and the conflict between Israel and Palestine. An event will also be held to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the Miners’ Strike in Wales, and the recent success of the film Pride, and how the film raises questions regarding contemporary gender identity and sexuality in Wales.

Finally there will be a Question Time-style debate with local parliamentary candidates in the run up to the next General Election in May 2015. This talk will provide students with the opportunity to interact with local politicians on key issues that really matter to them.

Details of future events in the ‘Stand Up For…’ series of talks will be posted on the Stand Up For...Facebook page and Twitter page.