One Woman Show highlights breast cancer recovery

Emily Underwood-Lee

As part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s forthcoming Connected Communities Festival in Cardiff, University of South Wales research assistant Emily Underwood-Lee brings her one woman show Titillation Grade 3 to the City (2nd July).

The unique show considers the body after breast cancer surgery. The performance draws on personal experience, an engagement with cancer patients, and research with professional health workers. It takes a humorous look at the post-operative body and considers who and what can be sexy after breast cancer.

The performance features dancing breasts, prosthesis puppetry, sparkly scars, surgical imagery and lots of jelly. Titillation Grade 3 is Emily Underwood-Lee’s attempt to celebrate the breastless, post-surgical, sexually desirable and desirous, confrontational, cancerous body. In Titillation Grade 3 Emily attempts to foreground her marked, scarred and scary body through a striptease where everything comes off – even her breasts.

Emily said, “When I started the process of making this performance I wanted to look at the wider issues surrounding the body as a site of illness, not the life and death stuff but the things about cancer that make living with the marks of the disease a new, different and fascinating experience. In Titillation Grade 3 I attempt to talk about my experiences of cancer while trying to be both funny and sexy.”

This show follows on from Emily’s earlier show, Patience, which drew on a series of letters written to the child who was still in her belly when she received her cancer diagnosis. Titillation Grade 3 is the second performance in the Titillation series. The series contains two shows on the themes of desire and the cancer marked body. Titillation was created with the support of the Arts Council of Wales.

How to attend

The performance will take place at the University’s ATRiuM building in Cardiff at 5pm. For more information or to book a place at the performance and workshop contact

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