Police Sciences Students attend the 4th International Summer School in Germany

Police Science German Visit 2014

The fourth annual international summer school held between students undertaking the BSc (Hons) Police Sciences degree and students from other countries undertaking similar qualifications took place between 25th and 30th May 2014.

This year the venue was the National Police University in Munster, North Rhine Westphalia and involved students from the Fachhochschule in Munster, which trains police officers in that region, and police students from the National Police Academy in the Netherlands. During the week students worked in mixed groups to produce presentations based upon the overarching theme of prevention and included road traffic accident prevention, retail theft, safety and security as well as learning about the different policing structures and police work from each country.

Included in the week were cultural visits such as the police museum in Munster which contains information regarding the role of the German police during World War II, and presentations on crime prevention initiatives from the Munster police.

Professor Colin Rogers, Head of Research at the Centre of Policing and Security said: “The international summer schools allow our students to experience different policing activities from across the world. They are hugely successful, and provide a great opportunity to learn about policing from different perspectives, which can only enhance our students skills, abilities and knowledge.”

All staff and students agreed that the week was a great success and included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Fachhochschule, Munster and the University of South Wales to strengthen and enhance future collaboration.