Professor of European Youth Policy visits Europe

Howard Williamson, Professor of European Youth Policy at the University of South Wales, visits Europe as part of his European professional and academic commitments and in response to invitations from influential committees in the field of Youth Policy.

Howard’s visit started in Budapest where he was asked to facilitate at the ‘Youth in 2020 – the Future of Youth Policies’ conference. The event focused on European trends and challenges faced within the field and potential implications that youth policy, youth work and research could be confronted with. The event was led by the Youth Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

Whilst in Budapest, Howard attended an editorial board meeting for a European youth journal entitled ‘Perspectives’, which is also a project and product of the Youth Partnership. It is due to be published by the Council of Europe, the leading human rights organisation for the continent. The journal is about youth research, youth policy and youth practice in Europe.

Following on from Budapest, Howard visited Vienna to attend discussions about the future framework and content of elements of the European Forum Alpbach framework, in light of the changing character of higher education. After his visit he travelled to Strasbourg for a meeting of the Joint Council which comprises the European Steering Committee on Youth, representing the 47 governments of the Council of Europe and the Advisory Council. The committee was set up to oversee the Council of Europe’s Youth programme.

For Howard’s next stop, he attended the ‘Education, Training and Youth Forum: Time to Act Together!’ in Brussels. The forum brought together 350 policy-makers and stakeholders from several countries across Europe. Howard’s role was to help lead a discussion on measures to combat early school leaving.

Howard’s final European trip was Moscow to deliver a keynote address at an event that was hosted by the Council of Europe in partnership with the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education and Science.

Following his European trips, Howard is currently in China to visit Xiamen and Beijing where he will lead a delegation on behalf of the British Council at the invitation of the All China Youth Federation.

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