Sociology student contributes to key book about policing in Wales

Silvia Siladi, sociology student with Bela Arora

 An essay by an undergraduate Sociology student has been published in a key book about policing in Wales.

Should Policing Be Devolved, written by Silvia Siladi, a third year Sociology with Criminology student, was selected to appear in A Consensus on Policing in Wales, a book of essays on policing in Wales and the changing constitution.

Silvia produced the article as part of a live project set to students by the Police Federation and The Bay Public Affairs.

As the piece with the highest mark, Silvia’s was chosen to sit alongside chapters from The Lord Carlile of Berriew QC CBE, Chris Conrad, National Police Liaison Officer and South Wales Police Chief Constable Peter Vaughan QPM.

Her lecturer Dr Bela Arora said: “On the Research Methods in Social Sciences module everything we do is applied. Students work on projects put forward by external organisations such as the United Nations. In this case, they knew they had the chance to be published, so there was an extra incentive.

“Not many undergraduates have the chance to be published alongside such eminent contributors, all key thinkers on the subject of policing.

“Being included in a publication of this importance speaks volumes to potential employers. It will be a huge boost to her career,” Dr Arora added.

Silvia, who is from Romania and speaks several languages, plans to continue on to the MSc Global Governance and will be well placed to work for an international organisation.

A Consensus on Policing in Wales was launched at the Senedd - National Assembly for Wales yesterday, Tuesday, 2 December. Silvia received a presentation from Leighton Andrews AM and was highly praised by Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM.

Silvia Siladi, sociology student with Bela Arora
Dr Bela Arora and Silvia Siladi with Leighton Andrews AM.

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