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Sixteen teachers from the local region have successfully completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership and Management (Education) in association with the Ebbw Fawr Learning Community (EFLC) and the University of South Wales.

The course is available to any teacher who is passionate about perfecting their art and improving the lives of the students they teach. Saul Graydon; Teaching and Learning Director, and Dr Shirley Egley, Director of MA Programmes in the School of Education, University of South Wales said they, ‘wanted to establish a network of learning based on action research with the end product being a postgraduate certificate awarded by the University’.

The course was launched in October 2013, with an induction at the University of South Wales Caerleon Campus and further seminars being held at different schools throughout the year. 14 teachers from EFLC, 1 from St Julian’s and 1 from Caldicot School have newly qualified with the PG Certificate in Leadership and Management (Education).

The PG Certificate comprises of two modules. Students in the first module, have thirty hours of training before submitting a literature review and research proposal. During the second module participants carry out their research and write a 5,000 word research report.

Every teacher studying the course, worked on a task linked to one of their school’s main priorities; some of the projects included looking at ways to raise attendance, and ways to improve the teaching of Mathematics.

Saul Graydon said, ‘There have already been tangible benefits from the research and we have seen an increase in attendance this year as well as improvements in our GCSE Maths results. I am delighted for the staff involved. It shows how committed they are to making a difference by using action research to explore our educational practice and improve student outcomes. It shows that we are truly a Learning Community, recognising that we never stop learning and that collaborating and learning with others is the future.’

The 60-credit certificate is part of the University’s MA programme, and progression routes are available for students to continue onto the MA Leadership and Management or the MA Education programme, based at the Caerleon Campus.

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