USW Advertising students selected to design recruitment agency print campaign

Arts Thread

Lewis Mellor and Michael Bignell, two second year Advertising Design students will see their work come to life as Arts Thread, a London based creative recruitment agency, selected their design as the face of the company’s new print campaign.

Arts Thread, who specialise in bridging the gap between education and industry for new creatives, provided the Advertising Design students with a live brief and set the task of bringing awareness of their company to the design students.

The style and colour of the thread that we use in our designs was derived from the thread used on detective pin up boards explained Lewis, “just as the thread connects two clues in a detective case, we’ve replicated this to visually show the ‘connection’ between creatives and industry. Arts Thread is the connective thread that bonds the two.

The founders of Arts Thread, Alex Brownless and Katie Dominy visited the University’s Newport City campus to critique both the initial concepts and the completed work. They also decided upon the final outcomes for the campaign.

Alex and Katie said they were “blown away” by Lewis and Michael’s work and even said they would be in touch with them about doing freelance work for Arts Thread over the summer!

“From the moment we received the brief, we realised that this would be an excellent opportunity for us”, said Michael, “our design would feature at a large event in London and it would be included in a newsprint magazine that would go out to agencies around London! Not only would it be good for our portfolio, but it would also reach countless people from the deign industry.”
The final designs and official print campaign will be unveiled at the London Design Festival beginning on 13th September.

Lee Thomas, Advertising Design Lecturer at USW said, “This is a fantastic achievement for Lewis and Michael. For their creative work to be used in such a high profile campaign is very rewarding; it will enable them to gain vital ‘real world’ experience and is a prime example of the University’s superb reputation for properly preparing students for the creative industry.”

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