USW launches first media-rich book for research methods

Sue Burnett - managing editor, iTunes U at USW

The University of South Wales has released a ground-breaking, media-rich iBooks Textbook to help students and businesses.

Research Methods for Business Students, Managers and Entrepreneurs is the first such publication in its field which is enhanced by audio and video content, and is available to download for free from the iBooks Store, where it has been featured as a ‘New & Noteworthy’ item.

A development of USW’s commitment to open education resources (OER), Research Methods details in practical terms how research activity is conducted, either to support a student’s project or to inform strategic business decisions.

The chapters cover all aspects of business research, such as defining what research involves, data collection methods and how to interpret results.

The academic content was provided by USW Senior Lecturer Dr Ramdane Djebarni, and the book is the equivalent of a full module taught at postgraduate masters level in higher education.

The project was led by the managing editor of iTunes U at USW, Sue Burnett:

"There are many books and ebooks about research methods on the market, however with its audio and video content this is the first time a media-rich, immersive experience on this subject has been released on Apple’s publishing platform.

"Research Methods is a valuable tool, not just for students, but also for established businesses and entrepreneurs.

"It builds on well-established courses and resources which have been delivered by Dr Djebarni for many years, some of which have already been distributed by USW on iTunes U, and this new book is completely free."

Research Methods is the first in a new series of media-rich iBooks Textbooks USW is preparing to release. The next, Exploring the Sky, will be launched in 2015.

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