Geoff Cousins explores the Volkswagen emissions scandal

Visiting Professor Geoff Cousins recently delivered a masterclass to the MSc Global Governance students on one of the biggest corporate news stories of 2015 – the Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal.

Geoff Cousins, former Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover, was able to share insights based on his own extensive experience of leading a global automotive brand.  He talked the students through the unfolding of the scandal before analyzing the potential effect on Volkswagen and the wider automotive industry.  He encouraged the students to consider how they would deal with the situation if they were in the shoes of VW management, before sharing his thoughts on internal and external strategies to underpin a response.

Dr. Bela Arora, Course Leader for the MSc Global Governance commented: “Masterclasses are an invaluable vehicle for developing an understanding of how theories and concepts translate into professional practice.  Masterclass contributors are all leaders in their field and their experience and insight is not so easily captured in academic texts.”

Geoff Cousins has also contributed to the free taster course ‘Introduction to Global Governance’ which is available on iTunes U.   

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