Law Society hosts networking event

Law Society Networking Event

The University of South Wales’ Law Society recently hosted a networking event, providing its members with the opportunity to meet with professionals from the legal sector.

The student-run event was organised by law students, Stacey-Leigh Davies, Gabrielle Marshall, Ricky Noble, Lauren Crisp and Sophie Goodman. Professionals from Howells solicitors, Blake Morgan LLP, Queen Square, Spicketts Battrick, Pearson legal publishing and Citizen's Advice Bureau were in attendance.

Speaking about the event LLB (Hons) Law student Stacey-Leigh Davies, President of the Law Society, said: "The networking event was the first of its kind to be held by the University of South Wales' Law Society. With a varied range of both legal practitioners and professionals, public figures and third sector organisations attending, the event was a complete success. Law Society members left feeling motivated and thrilled, knowing that they had made professional connections - essential for obtaining a career in law. Many left with application forms and felt that the event helped them think about their potential future in law and other professions. It was an event organised by students for students and the society hopes to run another soon."