USW experts contribute to European conference on higher education and policing

Prof Colin Rogers, Police

Representatives from the International Centre for Policing and Security recently attended a three day international conference in Holland based upon the theme of higher education and its links with policing across Europe.

The conference organised by the Dutch National Police and hosted at the Dutch Police University Leadership centre in Warnsveld comprised of presentations from colleagues involved in police education through higher education facilities from Germany, the UK and Holland.

Judith Dacey delivered a presentation based upon the political dimension of Welsh language provision for HE Police students whilst Kevin Simpson discussed issues surrounding the recruitment and progression of USW policing undergraduates to the needs of the police service.

Amanda Milliner talked about her experiences of PhD research in the world of Policing, whilst Professor Colin Rogers, below, provided an overview of Higher Education and policing in England and Wales.

Included in the conference was a meeting which has established that the International Summer School, open to our police sciences degree students, will be held in Holland in 2016.

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