Graphics students win placement with Sequence

Three Graphic Communication students won the opportunity to work with Cardiff-based agency Sequence for two weeks through an immersive learning project in February.

Leanne Parkinson, Lewys Williams and Lloyd Smith were introduced to the Sequence team by graphic designer Liam, and on their first day they worked on a stationery project for the company, bringing digital elements to items such as business cards, items which are normally print based. 

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“We did so many different things during our placement,” said Leanne. 

“We attended a digital tourism seminar, where we heard talks from four different companies, discussing how digital marketing and design has helped them. It was interesting to learn the way forward in digital tourism and it gave us a really good insight for a project we were going to be working on in week two.

“We also worked on a project for Pinewood Studio: we wanted to use the direction that technology was moving in to create something which was very immersive for the audience, using VR headsets, wearable technology and IBeacons. 

"On Friday we had the opportunity to go on the HTC vive, a VR headset which fully immersed you into a 3D world of games and scenes. It was not only fun, but it opened our eyes to the direction the world is moving in.

"Virtual reality can be pushed in so many different directions, and used for many things, for example the new releases of VR roller coasters."

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“During the second week Liam gave us an aspirational brief for Visit Wales, another big project for us to work on, the aim of which was to get more exploration in Wales. 

"The week was spent researching, planning, conceptualising and visualising. We then were able to pitch our idea to a panel from Sequence, which gave us experience in pitching in a client-like atmosphere. They were very enthused about our idea and concept, which was also on par with the direction Visit Wales wants to go in.

“The experience was very rewarding: the projects we worked on were really exciting and they utilised all of our skills as well as making us think about new ways of working and designing.”

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Ryan Preece, course leader for Graphic Communication, added that USW prides itself on being able to offer opportunities like this to students.

“Work experience is so valuable to students during the course, and, of course, once they graduate, it helps them see the wide range of career options that await them as graphic communication graduates."

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