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Photography Grill

Hot on the heels of Design Grill and Animation Grill, Photography Grill was held at KIN+ILK in Cardiff this month, involving a successful series of networking events with USW BA (Hons) Photography students, alumni and industry professionals.

A collaborative trio ensured the fully-booked event went ahead on November 9 at KIN+ILK in Capital Quarter, Cardiff. Celia Jackson and Andy Pearsall, both Senior Photography Lecturers, and Alex Jenkins, director at KIN+ILK, pieced together a brilliant opportunity for students, young professionals and freelance practitioners to talk techniques, give top tips and advice on how to succeed in the competitive photography industry.

All of the spaces at the inaugural Photography Grill were snapped up within three days, where the lucky 35 demonstrated their portfolios for reviewing and feedback, in addition to networking with some seasoned local professional.

Alex Jenkins of KIN+ILK said, “Many thanks to everyone for their huge input [at Photography Grill], we’ve had some incredible feedback from students, young photographers and grillers who all benefitted from the event. It’s just fabulous to have the opportunity to create an event for photographers in Cardiff and one of the main reasons we created KIN+ILK, for creative events in Cardiff.”

For those that missed out, the next Photography Grill will take place on Thursday 15 December at KIN+ILK. You can sign up here.

To find out more about our Photography degrees, visit the course pages.


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