The unique journey of a child Holocaust survivor

Atrium. Nov 2016

The lecture is at USW's Cardiff Campus

A HOLOCAUST survivor will highlight the dangers of prejudice when he gives a talk at the University of South Wales (USW) next month. 

Steven Frank was one of only 93 children who survived Nazi interment in the Theresienstadt concentration camp, in the north of the Czech Republic, when it was liberated 70 years ago. Around 15,000 children were held there.

Today, as those with direct experience of one of the darkest moments of modern history are dwindling in number, Steven Frank's powerful story looks at prejudice in the context of the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of one who lived through it, its personal costs and the wider lessons of memory and tolerance. 

The free lecture is being held on Friday, December 2 at noon at USW’s Cardiff Campus.

It is open to members of the public, as well as school and college groups. The lecture is part of the Global Choices: Talking Points series.

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