University lecturers attend Mathematical and Computational Science Conference

University Lecturers Attend Mathematical and Computational Science Conference

The annual Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Science (WIMCS) conference welcomed lectures and researchers from Welsh Universities at the end of May. Lecturers from the University of South Wales’s Mathematics department were amongst those who were guest speakers, presenting at Gregynog Hall, Newtown.

Dr James Kent and Dr Nick Gill, from USW, presented “Assessing Advection Schemes in Numerical Models of Atmosphere,” and “On Cherlin’s Conjecture,” respectively.

Other invited speakers were, Professor Anne Juel from The University of Manchester, presenting "Viscous fingering under elastic membranes,” and "Using inkjet printing to deposit lines of fluid on flat surfaces and topography.”

Professor Darren Crowdy, from Imperial College London presented both, "The `Hole Story' of a forgotten function,” and "The geometry of Fourier transforms.”

Also speaking, from The University of Edinburgh, Tom Leinster presented both, “The many faces of magnitude,” and "Magnitude in geometry: invariants old and new.”

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