Visual effects staff and students involved in industry projects


Visual effects staff and students at USW have spent their summer working witha variety of companies and on various projects in the industry. 

Second-year student Ben Brown completed an internship at the Moving Picture Company (MPC) in its London-based Crowd department. Ben worked alongside the department’s artists to produce crowd simulations for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales film.

Adam Davis, the Global head of Crowd for MPC, said: "MPC strive to work closely with universities to bring through the next generation of talent. We work with lecturers, programme directors and students, to help keep them up to date with the latest and greatest advancements in technology and approaches.

"As an intern, Ben will gain valuable experience working in a real production atmosphere, as well as the opportunity to sit side by side with artists with many years experience.

"‪The relationships built over the summer often doesn’t end with the internship, the interns often stay in touch throughout their final year and the HODs give thoughts, feedback and advice as they tackle those all important final year projects.”

 He continued: "Ben has done really well this summer, there's a lot to learn initially, but in no time at all he was wanting to get involved with helping out in the department and has delivered some really nice work.”

‪In addition, Rosie Walker, a lecturer on the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics course, has spent her summer working for Double Negative Visual Effects in its television department on a new series for Sky, Hooten and the Lady.

Rosie WalkerJonathan Privett, a VFX supervisor for Double Negative TV, was pleased to have a current lecturer working amongst artists. 

"Having Rosie work for us at DNeg was fantastic. We were able to get a brilliant compositor to help deliver on some big shows and Rosie was able to remain up to date on the latest techniques and process," he said.

"I think it is absolutely essential that anyone teaching VFX has worked in the industry and continues to keep their skills current.  Rosie is a great example of how teaching and industry can be combined to the benefit both parties."

Rosie found the experience to be immensely positive and an excellent insight into the industry and its current practice. 

“Double Negative TV is a great opportunity to work alongside a group of very talented artists, supervisors and production team, in order to build upon my experience and return to the classroom ready to deliver the latest skillsets to students,” she said.

Trailer for Hooten & The Lady:

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