All students | USW Update | Tuesday 31 March

Keep studying and don’t worry

We want you to keep studying, engaging with your lecturers, and doing as well as possible in your assessments. We don’t want you to be worrying that you’ll end up with a lower result because the Coronavirus situation has disrupted your home life.  We know what’s happening has meant challenges for all of us in how we all balance work, study, and family.

Our priority is to make sure you can complete your learning and assessments, so that you complete the year and you can either progress to next year or receive your qualification. We’re working hard to keep your learning as close as possible to normal, and faculties have been able to change deadlines where that’s needed.  

We know you may be worried that your hard work and achievements so far might be undermined by the situation we’re all in. We understand your concerns, and we’re listening to your SU representatives.  

Some universities have announced what they’re calling “safety net” or “no detriment” policies.  The basic principle of these is that your marks could go up if you do very well during the rest of this year, but as long as you pass, they won’t go down from how you were performing before Coronavirus caused this disruption.  We agree with this principle, and that’s what we’re aiming for too at USW.   

We have to work out some details before we can confirm exactly how we’ll be able to do it in practice.  We have a number of courses, especially for postgraduates, that don’t run to the same pattern as a traditional academic year.  We also have a lot of courses that have specific requirements from professional bodies, and we may not be able to change the rules in these cases.  That means we need to take a bit of time as we’re working out the detail for everyone.  

But while we do that detailed work, we want you to know that we get it.  We’re aiming to get to a position where as long as you pass, you can do your remaining assessments knowing your marks can only go up, and not down. We’ll have firm details of how that will work by Monday 13 April.  Please don’t worry, and keep studying as hard as you can.