All students | USW Update | Wednesday 14 October

Keeping people safe, keeping learning going

Cases of Covid-19 Update | Professor Martin Steggall, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Research and Student Experience

Over the last seven days, we have had 21 students and four members of staff report that they have received a positive test result for Covid-19, as of 1.30pm today (Wednesday 14 October). Most of the staff and students who have reported that they have received positive test results have not been to any of our campuses recently.

Whilst we have seen an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 being reported there continues to be no clustering around any particular group, course or location. However, it is something that we are continuing to monitor daily.

It’s important to reiterate that if you receive a positive test result for Covid-19, you must email to let the University know. You can find more details on UniLife. After you have emailed us, one of our nurse advisers will get in contact with you to find out how you are. They will also ask you some details, such as whether you have been onto one of our campuses recently, where you are living, and to look at what support you may need when you are self-isolating.

We will have all seen in the news how cases have quickly spread in other universities across the UK, particularly in halls of residence. That is why it is so important to follow the local restrictions, adhere to social distancing and to get tested as soon as you display any symptoms, and to self-isolate whilst you are waiting for the results, to stop the virus from spreading. We know many of you are and we would like to thank you for this, and for doing all you can to protect yourselves, your friends and family and the local community.

We are confident that the changes that we have made to our campuses have made them safe, and we would ask you to continue to work with us to keep them safe, by following all restrictions and guidelines and to keep looking out for each other.

Please note, off-campus students who are studying with a partner college should check guidance and communication from their college, about local support, attendance, assessment and teaching arrangements.