All students | USW Update | Wednesday 28 October

Covid-19 cases update | Mark Milton, Chief Operating Officer

Over the past seven days there have been 56 reports of positive results from students and six reports of positive results from staff, as of 1.30pm today (Wednesday 28 October). Although this is a very slight increase on last week’s figures, it remains the case that the vast majority of students and staff have not been to our campuses in the days prior to them testing positive.

Members of the University’s management team continue to meet each day (Monday to Friday) to review the cases that have been reported in the previous 24 hours. This includes reviewing discussions with NHS TTP colleagues (Test, Trace, Protect), discussing if any students or staff need to self-isolate, looking for patterns or clusters in cases and what other action needs to be taken, as well as whether any additional support needs to be provided to any students who are self-isolating.

When you are coming onto one of the campuses to access facilities, or take part in face-to-face sessions, please remember to keep safety at the forefront of your minds, as you would do in any setting. It can be easy to slip into ‘normal’ behaviours when you are chatting with friends who may be in your class but aren’t a part of your household, but please always think about yours and others’ safety.

Evidence shows that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 is significantly reduced if everyone:

· Maintains the two-metre social distance, or wears the appropriate PPE where this can’t be maintained

· Regularly washing and/or sanitising your hands

· Wears a face covering in public spaces

Thank you for continuing to follow the guidelines.