Future of the Family Institute - update

The University has been consulting on the future of the Family Institute.  This update has been sent today to everyone who has contributed views to that conversation.

We’ve had a good range of feedback, and we have made the decision that we will not be closing the Family Institute at this stage. 


We’ve decided to extend making a final decision for 12 months.  Because we’ve listened carefully to feedback, this further period will give the opportunity to explore a range of different and wider sources of funding and operating models that could fill the financial gap that makes the Family Institute unviable in its current model. 


We recognise the importance that the Welsh Government places on mental health provision, and we look forward to working with stakeholders to see if there is a sustainable future for the Family Institute, whether that is inside or outside the University. 


We will now open recruitment to all of the courses - if there is sufficient student demand to make the course a good experience for students - for recruitment to start in September 2018.