Baron Ricketts to reflect on national security at USW lecture

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The UK’s former National Security Adviser will be giving a lecture at the University of South Wales (USW) next month.

Baron Ricketts of Shortland will give a talk entitled ‘War and Terrorism: perspectives from a government insider’ at USW’s Cardiff campus on June 13.

At a point when questions about national security are at their highest level for a number of decades, not just in the UK, but also across many other European states, USW welcomes an expert with experience of working at the highest levels in this field. 

In this lecture, he will examine the challenge of responding to threats to the security of the UK abroad and, increasingly, at home. He will draw on his experience of establishing and heading a body which had the unique brief of overseeing defence strategy, intelligence coordination and foreign policy - the National Security Council.

Dr. Andrew Thompson, Head of USW’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, said: “As events abroad and, of course, at home, as the very recent events in Manchester have made all too painfully clear, the UK is facing a new variant of an old problem: terrorism.

“At the same time, the recent cyber-attacks which affected organisations across the globe, including the NHS, illustrate that we will, increasingly, face threats which are genuinely novel. This mix of security challenges is not unique to the UK, but it is a country which is a recognised as a global leader in responding to these types of emerging threats.

“In welcoming Lord Ricketts to the university, especially at this moment, we are able to hear directly from someone who has been right at the forefront of policy-making in this field in the UK, a key adviser on national security to the Prime Minister, and an internationally respected figure.

“It is an opportunity to put questions to an expert who, at various points, has an overall brief for defence, foreign policy and the intelligence services. We are delighted to welcome him to USW.”

The lecture is open to members of the public, as well as school and college groups. It is part of USW’s Global Choices: Talking Points series.

To book your space on the free lecture, complete the online form at  

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