Cyber security partnership boosts USW students' skills

NCSA Zovolt

NCSA student Xavi Bilbao, Matthew Cartwright of Zovolt, and Head of NCSA Stephen Biggs

CYBER security students are being offered a new opportunity to get first-hand experience of the latest computing developments.

Undergraduates at the University of South Wales-based (USW) National Cyber Security Academy (NCSA) in Newport are working with Hereford-based Zovolt Ltd, which specialises in preparing companies for possible security threats posed by new technologies.

Matthew Cartwright, Business Development Director at Zovolt, heard about the work of the NCSA through membership of the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster, which supports the work of the region’s tech companies in networking, collaboration, best practice and trade.

“After learning all about the NCSA and the projects the students carry out, we were keen to find out more,” Mr Cartwright said.

“Our speciality is in what is known as decentralised computing – technology using peer-to-peer communication – and creating secure networks that are not hosted on servers in the traditional sense, and operate on the ‘Internet of things’, such as connected vehicle.

“As one of the aims of the NCSA is to give students experience with industry partners who have identified new challenges in the cyber security environment, we were more than happy to get involved.

“Not only will it give the students an opportunity of using their skills in a real-world environment and exposing them to reality of work life, it will also give us the chance to identify possible future employees.”

Stephen Biggs, Head of the National Cyber Security Academy, said the agreement with Zovolt gives students access to a wider range of industry experience.

“The NCSA, like the rest of USW, prides itself on giving our undergraduates access to the businesses operating in the sectors that match their learning,” he said.

“With Zovolt working on cutting-edge technologies and the increased use of peer-to-peer-based computing, having access to its operations and systems gives our students the chance to test the skills they have developed at the NCSA, and give Zovolt the chance to learn from us.

“The NCSA has just ended its pilot year, and has been a major success. The work with partners such as Zovolt has helped us achieve that success, and it’s a partnership we have high hopes for.”

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