Police students from across Europe come together

Policing summer school 2017

Police apprentices from Germany and the Netherlands joined BSc (Hons) Police Sciences students from the University of South Wales last week to learn about policing in the different countries.

During the week, the students were put through simulations in the University’s Hydra Minerva Suite.

The simulations focused on domestic abuse, critical incidents, public order and officer safety and aimed to challenge how the students would respond to situations within their own countries.

Daniel Welch from the University of South Wales, who helped to organise the summer school said: “The week provoked many discussions about how the students would respond to incidents, taking into considerations the different laws and policing techniques that each country uses.

“Hopefully the students can take what they have learned during the week and incorporate it into their studies, whether that is looking at solving a problem differently or questioning how they would respond to an issue or incident.”

During the week, the students were also taken to a number of sites across South Wales including Cardiff City Stadium as part of the discussions looking at dealing with public order incidents.

The summer school was opened by the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Peter Vaughan, and a number of guest speakers spoke to the group during the week.

Colin Rogers, Professor of Police Sciences at the University, said: “This is the sixth year the summer school has run and the student experience is invaluable. Being exposed to other ideas about policing will only help produce reflective students and we hope, future practitioners.”



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