Professor appointed Fellow of The Physiological Society

Professor Damian Bailey

Professor Damian Bailey has been appointed as a Fellow of The Physiological Society.

Damian has been a member of the society since 1998 and has now been announced as fellow alongside 30 other researchers from across the World.  

Damian is a Professor of Physiology and Biochemistry at USW, as well as the Director of the Health and Wellbeing Research Institute. He leads the Neurovascular Research Laboratory  interested in the long-term benefits of exercise for the brain and to what extent corresponding improvements in oxygen transport could potentially slow down the ageing process and protect against dementia.

Damian said: “I am both proud and honoured to be appointed a Fellow of The Physiological Society in recognition of my scientific achievements in clinical human physiology. The Society is steeped in tradition with an illustrious membership that boasts some of the world's most influential physiologists, both past and present. The support and guidance I have received over the past 20 years has helped shape my academic career and its values continue to be a source of inspiration for me”.

Fellowships are awarded to senior researchers or teaching active physiologists, biomedical/life scientists or senior clinicians/vets working at an advanced level for a recognised academic institution or within industry or the healthcare sector. 

The Physiological Society brings together over 3,500 scientists from over 60 countries. Since its foundation in 1876, its Members have made significant contributions to our knowledge of biological systems and the treatment of disease.

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