Statement - streamlining proposals

Like a number of other universities, we are currently consulting our staff on a number of proposals to streamline our operation. This includes streamlining non-staff budgets as well as potentially reducing our workforce by 4.6% (139 jobs). 

USW is sustainable and financially sound. Although we’ve broadly maintained our UK student numbers, we’re in a market where the overall number of people going to university is reducing, and recruitment from overseas will be affected by Brexit.  Like many universities, our costs are rising by over 3% a year while our income is staying the same. It means we can’t preserve structures and staff headcount in aspic because if we did this the University would, over time, lose its stable financial position. We are not prepared to let that happen because we want to keep investing in staff, courses, and facilities so that we can thrive and compete. 

We’re proposing to streamline both non-staff budgets and our management structures. Although the proposed reductions in total represent less than 5% of the University’s workforce, we know that that this is difficult for staff who are affected.  

We’re offering a voluntary scheme to support colleagues for whom the decision to leave now may be the right time, and because of the desire to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies. We’re consulting with our recognised trade unions, and senior managers are meeting personally with the staff whose roles are affected.