Tara's amazing experience at the heart of US Government

Tara Leigh Smith Global Governance

Tara Leigh Smith in front of the famous Washington Monument during her time in the US capital

A MAERDY student has said she ‘can’t believe’ that she’s had the experience of working at the heart of the US government.

Tara Leigh Smith, 24, is just coming to the end of her Masters degree in Global Governance at the University of South Wales (USW). As part of her course, she had to undertake work experience.

Course leader Professor Bela Arora has strong contacts on Capitol Hill in the US, and organised for Tara to spend her internship in Washington DC.

“When Bela told me about this, I was obviously really excited,” Tara said.

“I thought it would be an amazing opportunity. I have always wanted to visit DC, and now I have been able to live and work out here for three months. This was obviously a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I just couldn’t turn down.”

While in Washington, Tara has learned a huge amount about the workings of the United States government.

“While at work, I tend to be answering phones, researching different Bills that I think the congressman would support, and going to different briefings that come up, either through being asked to attend by a legislative assistant or if I find one interesting myself. I also take people on tours of the Capitol building,” she said.

“Outside of work I tend to go to the intern lecture series, which feature a range of people from senators, representatives, and recently I went to one that was by the senior adviser to the President.

“As well as this, I go to the different museums and events across the city.”

The experience is one that Tara has enjoyed immensely, and would advise others to take up.

“It has been awesome, being able to meet so many different and inspirational people,” she said.

“I’ve learned so much about American history and the process of how the government works, which has been incredible.  I still can’t believe I work here, especially with how close I live to the Capitol building.”

“I would highly recommend anyone to take Global Governance as a Masters degree.

“They will learn so much and Bela is amazing, interactive, and gives a lot of encouragement to all her students.”


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