Trainee secondary teachers get a taste of STEM lessons

STEM workshop for Secondary Education students

Secondary Education students staged their very own take on Robot Wars during a taster session on how to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lessons to pupils.

The Certificate of Higher Education: Introduction to Secondary Teaching students, who hope to become Science, Design & Technology or Maths teachers at the end of their studies, benefited from a training day with Engineering Education Skills Wales (EESW) at the Newport Campus.

After starting the day by building and testing wind turbines and exploring renewable energy, the students then learnt about programming and coding, with the help of the BBC Microbit – a pocket-sized codeable computer that was given to every Year 7 child across the UK in 2016.

The group then pitted their cars against each other in a Robot Wars-style combat, resulting in two winning teams who were presented with valuable textbooks to get their studies off to the best start.

David Tennant, course leader for the Certificate of Higher Education: Introduction to Secondary Teaching, said: “This session from EESW was designed to help introduce the students to new technologies and collaborative ways of working across different subjects – ultimately contributing to a secondary school curriculum that is interesting, engaging and fun.”

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