USW researchers play key part in £1million project to re-shape cardiology care


The University of South Wales is part of a £1million project to provide cardiology care in communities across Wales.

The Welsh Institute of Health and Social Care (WIHSC), based at the University, has been commissioned by the British Heart Foundation and the Wales Cardiac Network to support community cardiology projects.

Six health boards in Wales have been allocated a share of the Welsh Government funding to implement the various projects, which aim to improve patient access to primary and community care, and ultimately reduce hospital admissions – particularly for elderly people and those with long-term conditions.

Dr Mark Llewellyn, Deputy Director of WIHSC, is one of the academics leading the research. His team, which includes a former GP and a retired consultant cardiologist, will evaluate how the funding to support the implementation of community cardiology projects has been used, and explore whether the proposed new services and pathways have been realised.

The team will speak to a variety of stakeholders involved in the project delivery, as well as members of the Health Boards and the Welsh Government to understand their expectations; why decisions were made to fund in this way, and what they hope to see during the lift of the projects.

They will interview leading clinicians in cardiology and primary care, including medical, nursing and other professions involved in the community cardiology service in each area.

Dr Llewellyn said: “One of our aims of this research is to identify what has been successful in setting up community cardiac interventions, which will in turn provide principles of best practice across Wales, supported by the Heart Conditions Implementation Group (HCIG).

“This funding could potentially signal a first for Wales, in allowing health boards to bring more efficient cardiology care into community settings.”


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