Youngsters learn about the future of cyber safety

Some of the Newport pupils during their ‘graduation’ ceremony at USW. Neil Gibson

Some of the Newport pupils during their ‘graduation’ ceremony

SCHOOL pupils from Newport have been given a first-hand look at the importance of online security during a visit to the University of South Wales (USW). 

At the end of June, USW’s Newport Campus hosted a Digital Literacy Day, after which 25 pupils – who won a competition on the day - were chosen to take a tour of USW’s cyber education facilities.

The group - from year six in Glan Usk and St Julians primary schools and year seven at St Julians High School – visited USW’s Treforest Campus last week.

During the day they undertook the role of ‘University students’, working directly with Sharan Johnstone, Clare Johnson, Pete Eden and Andrew Bellamy, lecturers in USW’s School of Computing and Mathematics.

The event was organised by First Campus - a partnership between higher education institutions, further education colleges, and schools in South East Wales – and Craig Patalano, Deputy Head of ICT at St Julians High School, with activities supporting the skills learnt in schools under the Welsh Government’s Digital Competency Framework.

The day was designed to give the pupils a look at life as a university student, and a better understanding of the importance of digital security. It ended with a prize-giving ceremony in the style of a university graduation.

Dr Eric Llewellyn, Deputy Head of Computing and Mathematics at USW, said: “With the success of the Welsh Government and Newport Council in bringing industry to the region, the University of South Wales is fully committed to working with our local schools to bridge the digital skills gap. 

“It is wonderful to see these three schools inspiring collaborative working and joining with us to raise the aspirations of the next generation of professionals, who will further expand Wales as a leader in digital Industries.

“The children were a delight to have on campus and we were extremely proud of their Digital Literacy prize entries.

“We hope that we have helped inspire them to further their education in university.”

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