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Hannah Fry - Royal Institution Christmas Lecture

Dr Hannah Fry

Free tickets are now available to book for the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lecture Series, which will be streamed live at the University of South Wales (USW).

USW is one of 20 venues across the UK which will be streaming the lectures live from the RI in London. The lectures, predominantly aimed at 11 to 17 year olds, will also be broadcast on BBC Four between Christmas and New Year.

In these lectures, mathematician and TV presenter Dr Hannah Fry will unmask the hidden numbers, rules and patterns that secretly influence our daily lives…in ways we could never imagine.

She exposes how our gut instincts are often unreliable, while an unseen layer of maths drives everyday life in powerful and surprising ways.

Life’s most astonishing miracles can be understood with probability. Big data dictates many of the hot new fashions we follow. Even our choice of what we watch on TV, or our choice of who we marry, is secretly influenced by computer algorithms.

In a series of lectures packed with mind-boggling demos and live experiments, Hannah shows us how to decode life’s hidden numbers; to help us all make better choices, sort fact from fiction, and lead happier lives. But she also warns how our unwavering faith in figures can lead to disaster when we get the sums wrong.

Unravelling suspicious statistics, engineering meltdowns and deadly data, Hannah asks big ethical questions about the trust we place in maths today. Are there any problems math’s can’t or shouldn’t solve? Do computer algorithms have too much control over our lives and privacy? Could A.I. decide if someone lives or dies?

Ultimately, by probing the limits of maths and its role in our modern world, Hannah ends up revealing and celebrating what makes our human minds so unique.

Professor Julie Lydon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Wales, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this series of lectures, and to showcase the excellent facilities that are available at the University of South Wales.

“With education at its heart, the Royal Institution mirrors the work we do here at USW to make learning both accessible and relevant to as wide a range of people as possible.

“Being chosen as one of the hosts for these events is an honour for USW, and we look forward to being a major part of an event that has become an annual staple for many thousands of viewers.” 


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Lecture One

Thursday 12 December 2019, 5pm – 7.45pm – Newport Campus


Lecture Two

Saturday 14 December 2019, 5pm – 7.45pm – Pontypridd Campus

Saturday 14 December 2019, 5pm – 7.45pm – Cardiff Campus