National Teaching Fellowship for Early Years academic

Pavla Boulton

Pavla Boulton, Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education at the University of South Wales, has won a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship in recognition of her outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession.

The Fellowship, awarded through a highly competitive process by AdvanceHE to up to 55 UK HE practitioners each year, recognises Pavla’s sustained and life-changing work with her students and, in turn, the children they educate.

Pavla said: “Having worked in education all of my working life, I am humbled that the work I have been doing with my students, colleagues, and partners has been recognised in such a prestigious way.

“It has been a delight to play a part in the development of so many Early Years graduate journeys and their success concretes my belief that the role of every Early Years practitioner is significant in the lives of our children.

“Achieving the NTF award is a reflection on the commitment of my students to their learning which has enabled me to grow and develop as a HE lecturer and student mentor.”

Pavla joins a growing group of NTFs in the USW Group. The University now has four National Teaching Fellows and is keen to draw on and share their expertise more widely as it strives to keep enhancing its USW specialist leaders of education.