The Coleg Cymraeg appoints new Higher Education Ambassadors from University of South Wales

Coleg Cymraeg HE Ambassadors.png

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol has appointed two new ambassadors from University of South Wales (USW) for 2021 to make some noise and encourage more prospective students to take an interest in Welsh-medium higher education.

There are 26 ambassadors in total this year based at seven universities across Wales. Their main role as ambassadors will be to encourage more learners from schools and further education colleges to pursue their studies through the medium of Welsh and explain the benefits of doing so.

They will represent the Coleg Cymraeg in a variety of ways online, including by giving presentations, creating and contributing to the Coleg's social media content, writing blogs and creating 'Sŵn y Stiwdants' podcasts.

The Coleg Cymraeg's Marketing Manager, Elin Williams, said: “The ambassadors make an important contribution in spreading the message about Welsh language student life at our universities and the benefits of Welsh-medium education. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, promotion on social media and podcasts has become increasingly important. We look forward to working with an enthusiastic group of students from across Welsh universities once again this year.”

Elain Llwyd Williams, Professional Policing student said: "When choosing a university, studying a subject with a way of doing part of it in Welsh was very important to me, as Welsh is my first language. I feel privileged to be chosen as an ambassador and look forward to collaborating with other students to promote the language on Coleg Cymraeg and @dyddyfodoldi social media pages."

Gwawr Taylor, Assistant University Secretary at USW said: “We are very proud of the excellent work that the USW ambassadors undertake each year in promoting the opportunities and benefits of studying in Welsh. The students have wonderful opportunities with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and develop important skills while helping prospective students in sharing their experiences and giving them a taste of Welsh life at university.”

'Sŵn y Stiwdants' podcasts can be heard on Spotify, where Welsh-speaking students share their experiences, be it about University life during a pandemic, their courses or chatting and putting the world to rights!  You can also follow their adventures and see their pictures on the Coleg Cymraeg website and the 'Dy Ddyfodol Di' Instagram and Twitter pages and the 'Coleg Cymraeg' Facebook and YouTube pages.