New China partnership offers exchange opportunities to staff and students

USW and NWNU partnership logo

Staff and students of the Northwest Normal University (NWNU) in Lanzhou, which is in the Gansu Province in China’s north west, will be involved in an exchange programme with the University of South Wales (USW) next year as part of a collaboration between the two institutions.

The exchange will see one member of staff and five PhD students from China spending six months in Wales.

As part of the Advanced Standing partnership, which is approved by the China Ministry of Education, students on the four-year BSc Chemistry degree at NWNU will transfer to the BSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry course at USW for their final year of study. As part of the first three years of the course, the students in China are supported with teaching by academic staff at USW.

The partnership started in the 2020-21 academic year, with just under 50 students taking part in the programme. That increased to just under 60 new students for this academic year. A proportion of those taking part are expected to study the fourth year of their degree in Wales.

Dawn Story, Head of the School of Applied Sciences at USW, said: “The partnership brings a great deal of prestige to NWNU, as it does to USW. Working in collaboration across continents provides numerous opportunities to staff and students at both institutions. We look forward to welcoming to Wales those from China who are involved in the programme, and, when travel restrictions allow, giving individuals from USW the chance to experience the different lifestyle, culture, and learning experience on offer in Lanzhou.”

Professor Pengfei Song, Vice-Dean of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at NWNU, said: "This programme not only gives the opportunity for the students to study Chinese chemistry courses, but they can also enjoy USW BSc Medicinal and Biological Chemistry course. This gives students more knowledge of these subjects and more opportunities for employment."

Professor Junchao Wang, Director of the International Office, said: "The programme between NWNU and USW is a bridge to connect the two universities, and establishes a close partnership for both of us. With this platform, all the NWNU staff and students can have the opportunity to visit USW and enjoy its education resources."

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