Welsh Language Rights Day: celebrating the 'transformation’ in the experiences of Welsh speakers

Welsh Language Rights Day 2021 Baner_Banner Facebook.png

On 7 December, public organisations in Wales are holding a one day campaign to raise awareness of the public's rights to use the Welsh language.

The Welsh Language Commissioner is responsible for coordinating the day. Dozens of public organisations across Wales are also joining in the celebrations by promoting their Welsh language services on the day.

Welsh language standards have created the rights, and 124 public organisations in Wales are operating these standards: from county councils, to health boards, the emergency services, colleges and universities, and national organisations in Wales.

Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, said: "Since the introduction of standards, I have seen a transformation in the rights of Welsh speakers and learners. The Welsh language is now part of the way organisations plan their services, and increasingly people have confidence that a quality service is available to them through the medium of Welsh. The standards have also led to establishing rights for employees to use Welsh at work, significantly increasing the opportunities to use the language on a daily basis.

"Of course, organisations are expected to promote their services throughout the year, but giving everyone one day to celebrate the Welsh language services available is an effective way of raising awareness. It is also a reason to set a date each year to remind staff internally of existing rights and carry out promotional activities."

The University of South Wales is proud to be a part of this campaign and is celebrating by:

  • Launching a new Welsh Language Standards Awareness course for staff which will provide them with a full understanding of the Welsh Language Standards Regulations.
  • Publishing stories of our Welsh speaking students and staff on how important the Welsh language is to them on our social media and intranet. 
  • Promoting our employability module through the medium of Welsh to our lecturers in order to increase the number of Welsh speaking students, via our staff intranet and email.
  • Holding a #Maegenihawl event with our Welsh speaking students and staff to raise awareness of their Welsh language rights. 
  • Publishing the #Maegenihawl videos created by the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office. 

People can use Welsh when dealing with the organisation by: 

  • Writing to us
  • Telephone
  • Attending meetings
  • Browsing our website 

Gwawr Taylor, Assistant University Secretary and Head of Welsh, said: "The Welsh Language Rights Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate the importance of the Welsh language at our university. The University is proud to offer a range of Welsh language services to our students, the public and our staff throughout the year. The ability for our customers to choose which language they would like to use is important to us and them."

You can support the campaign on social media by following #MaeGenIHawl or visit welshlanguagecommissioner.wales.