Pride Month | exploring hybrid identities through physical theatre

Thania Acaron Mixology

To mark Pride Month, Thania Acaron, lecturer in Performance, Art, Health and Well-being at the University of South Wales, will bring her autobiographical physical theatre show to the Queer Fringe Festival in Cardiff.

Thania will perform Mixology on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 June at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay, at 7.30pm. She will share the evening with Gareth Pahl, an MA Drama graduate of USW and cabaret drag performer under the stage name of Ernie Sparkles, who will bring his theatre piece, Zing! to the festival.

Both shows are brought to the stage by Fflamingo, a new cross-genre performance company specialising in creating, producing and supporting queer work made in Wales, co-directed by Thania and Gareth.

Thania describes Mixology as: “Four parts gin, all parts Puerto Rican, with a queer cherry on top. Under the guise of bravery achieved through lavish drinking habits, this unapologetic physical theatre work explores intimate perspectives of discovering one’s queer, bi, Latinx fierceness and as a result, encountering intriguing family histories, multiple microaggressions and a strong sense of resolve. Told in a strong mix of the comedic-yet-poignant, this autobiographical physical storytelling project brings forth a powerful Latinx voice of queer in-betweenness, examined meticulously through a Martini glass lens.”

Watch a trailer for the show:


Zing! is described by Gareth as: “Judy Garland, drag and mental health set the scene for this physical exploration of identity. Visceral meets absurd when we peek into the complex building of a drag persona, unpicking layers of who we are, struggling through the anxiety of who we want to be.”

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